10 things we’ve learned about running a business in 2017

1. It doesn’t get easier but you will get stronger.

2. Project away. There is only one given: There will be another challenge and another triumph.

3. The ability to say “no” without a landslide of guilt is equally as empowering as the ability to say “yes” with the confidence that you’ll deliver.

4. Deliver. And if you don’t deliver, get back up and ring the bell again tomorrow.

5. There are no rules on the battlefield except this; strength wears different masks.

6. Kindness is your key to peace of mind.

7. Garbage is heavy. Take it to the back alley where it belongs.

8. Be good to your clients, your team, and yourself. If you succeed at this 100% of the time please share your drugs with us.

9. Things will happen that you couldn’t have predicted, couldn’t have prepared for, couldn’t have been ready for until the second that they do and you’re standing there breathing in the sweet hellish chaos of being alive and being in charge.

10. Make the call. Let it go.

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Samantha Ellis