‪We need to remember across generations that there is as much to learn as there is to teach.
— Gloria Steinem

We get by with a little help from our friends…

We want to create a space in the world, an environment, where women can grow with each other and be supported by one another.

We don't want to pretend our space, like every other, will be absent of challenges and mistakes.  This is a space where doors open and perspectives are challenged.  

We take a "no-filter" approach to diverse mentorship with kindness and honesty. This isn't just about your career or the next professional step, it's about living within the collision of work, life, and everything in-between and recognizing those neat little borders we draw around the different sectors of our life are functional lies. 

Once a quarter we'll welcome a new series of mentors to speak with you, not at you.

The conversations are facilitated by these beacons but inspired and sustained by you. Your uniqueness, curiosity, and challenges.


The Ment.Her.Ship Manifesto

We believe that we learn by reading, seeking, experiencing. And all of this, if you’re doing it right, amounts in a certain kind of unlearning too. This is equally essential.

We believe the best things happen in the intersection between “life” and “work” and that if we stop to examine it closely enough we’ll find there is no difference between the two. Life is a lot of work. And work has a lot of life.

We believe that your individual strengths are worth celebrating. So are your beautiful, vulnerable, Achilles’ heel weaknesses. If you didn’t have them or own them you’d be a lot like the robots in Westworld. Or Ivanka Trump. We prefer you the way you are.

We believe that the events that happen in the world at large and the big and small shifts that happen in your own personal world are more manageable with support. As long as we have a voice and a heartbeat we each have the opportunity to support someone who needs it.

We believe that mentorship, the noun, and the verb “mentoring,” means a million different things. We’re not interested in the dictionary definition. We’re interested in what it means to you.

We believe in where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.

We believe in #MentHerShip


Session 1: Welcome to the Jungle.

Where: Roots + Ardor

When: Weds July 4, 5:30-7:30 PM

Details: A sip + share event all about passion, taking the leap, tripping, falling, and getting back up.

menthership OCT 4 graphic insta story-2.jpeg

Session 2: Resilience.

Where: Contemporary Office Interiors // 1035 W Pender St.

When: Thursday October 4th


We're BACK.

Details: A sip + share event about overcoming personal and professional obstacles and coming out the other side stronger and savvier than before. Our speaker is the incredible + hilarious founder of Eastwood X, Jillian Sheridan.

Entrepreneur, mother, and true bad-ass, Jill has faced many mountains and conquered the art of resilience.

Bring your unique spirit and we'll provide the spirits and light snacks!

All proceeds go to One Girl Can charity with the hopes of sponsoring a university student by 2019.

Get your tickets here.


Session 3: The Juggle

Where: 2531 Ontario Street, Vancouver, BC

When: Wednesday February 27th, 2019


Why: Because the juggle is real.

Details: This session is for all women, men, entrepreneurs, employees, artists, freelancers, dancers, sommeliers, heartbreakers, fuck-ups, mothers, daughters, brothers, lovers, achievers, friends, and failures and for those who are all of these things and more.

We’re told life is about seeking balance. Fuck balance. Balance is nearly impossible to find. You know when you’ll be balanced? When you’re dead.

This MentHerShip discussion is centred around something more tangible than balance; the juggle. Our ability, and more accurately our necessity, to hold the multiple roles and responsibilities in our lives together at once and how we hold ourselves in the centre of all of that.

Please join us if any of the following circus acts resonate with you: How is it possible to work for a business and start one at the same time? Can I be a multi-entrepreneur? Can I be a friend and a yogi and pay my bills? Where does my partner fit in? How about a family? Wait, where does my life fit in?

Our speaker, a juggler extraordinaire, is Sean Panton co-founder of vitruvi and jack of many trades.

Join us if you need to feel inspired, are seeking connection with a rad community of people, and need a drink. Bring your saucy self and we'll provide the spirits and light snacks!

All proceeds go to One Girl Can charity as per usual.

Tickets here!

You get what you give.

Mentorship matters beyond borders. While our focus is local, our outlook is international.

We are proudly partnering with One Girl Can who breaks educational barriers for young women in Africa. Our sessions are now by $10.00 donation.

All proceeds and donations in kind from sessions will go directly to One Girl Can with the hope to fund a deserving woman's university education by the end of the year. 



Interested in speaking or joining us for our next session? We want to hear from you!

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