Roots and...What?

Since starting Roots + Ardor we’ve sparked a lot of questions (mostly from my mother). Such as, why Roots + Ardor? How do you spell that? And also, what do you do?

That’s fair. It’s a curious name, and we’re curious girls. So one rainy west coast afternoon we thought it might be nice to take a minute to explain our business in the most authentic way possible. What follows is Roots + Ardor in a nutshell.

We’re spirited and imperfect. We’re rarely on cue. We believe in our goals even if we have trouble expressing them eloquently on camera. Our vision is real and layered and so are we. In short, we are stripping away the traditional approach to marketing and focusing on what works; content creation + digital marketing. We want to have fun along the way and we want to do good work with good people. We want to grow awareness surrounding charities and community projects that rock our socks off. We want to connect those good people with their community, because that connection is always good business. There, maybe it’s not so complicated after all.

Thank you to our videographer Matt Bourne for putting up with us and telling us at the end of the shoot that he hadn’t recorded a single thing. You’re just the kind of jerk we want in our corner.

Samantha Ellis