Oprah Winfrey Will Say It All For Us

Oprah reinvented the phrase standing "O" last night with her megawatt speech that addressed the most pressing problems challenging women's rights and every other group whose experience of oppression has only personified over this charged past year in politics.

As women and as business owners who fight to be heard everyday in a sea of changing professional tides, we applaud her efforts and add our voices to the cry for change.

We can simply say, "me too." Or we can go one step further and vow to never give up on fighting the good fight to build a platform and a world where all kinds of voices can be heard. Not just the loud ones.

We too are storytellers and as storytellers we have an obligation to tell the truth. All truths. Good, bad, ugly, and we seek to poke holes in them through which we can see the light.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond is one of the truths of our time. But Oprah, as always, is right.

Their time is up.

- S + H

Samantha Ellis