Ardor Hour Episode 4 || How digital space and physical space collide with David Guenter (an architect)


Episode 4

Wonky wine + digital exploration

When our friend + client David approached us about speaking on our podcast, we were both excited and mildly terrified. David is a razor sharp intellect whose day job entails designing buildings for Shape Architecture, a local firm and R+A client. His nighttime hobby is hosting wine tasting events with his brother and wine enthusiast community, a hobby we can seriously get behind (and so should you).

We knew that any discussion with David would be deep and full of twists and vocabulary we’d have to Google later. David did not disappoint. Take a listen as we dive into the ways in which digital space and physical space collide in 2019 (think Instagrammable restaurants and more), as well as the pleasures and the pit falls of just being in this digital age for our generation and the one that follows.