Ardor Hour Episode 3 || Energy, women in the workplace + the power of mentorship with Sean Panton from Vitruvi

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We captured Sean Panton once more from his busy schedule and encouraged him to sit down with us to discuss his story, how he maintains a level head, the role energy has played in building Vitruvi, what it’s been like to lead a team of women.

We debunk the “fake it till you make it“ myth and have a transparent discussion around the role social media plays when hiring team members and in our own personal lives. Essential takeaways:

  • Women have the gift of seeing around corners that men can miss

  • Don’t worry, there’s still a big place for men too

  • There are a lot of family businesses out there, but it takes respect to make this one work

  • Your energy affects those around you, personally and professionally. Try to channel presidential energy (the Obama kind) in your next meeting

  • Mentorship is important across generations but you need to go get one, don’t wait for one to come to you.

  • We need multiple mentors to fulfill different roles in our journey

  • Sean still likes wine

Until next time,


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Samantha Ellis