Ardor Hour Episode 1 || 10 things we learned in 2018.

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the first episode of our new podcast, Ardor Hour is live…

If you feel that the transition from 2018 to 2019 was similar to sipping water from a fire hydrant, this blog post may be for you. In a small business, a lifetime is lived in 12 months. From signing new clients to building out our team, to losing contracts, pride, and time to operational necessities, the landscape for a start-up is layered and always challenging.

 At the dawn of a new year we think it’s important to sift through the rubble of last year’s tax return and mine for gold. These are the hard-earned lessons we’re taking with us into 2019. These beacons give us a little light to lead to the way.

1.   What seems like a really big deal in January is forgotten by March.

2.   What seems like a really big deal on Monday is forgotten by Friday.

3.  You are as strong and as polished as the most junior member of your team. Any mistake that’s made on the ground floor of your company affects the skyline. You’ll need to own that.

4.  Doordash is not an office expense.

5.  Laughter is still the only antidote to an irrational situation professionally or personally. Anger is so cheap, in fact it’s free.

6. Getting lost in the pushing and striving and climbing is the natural state of the entrepreneur. Getting lost in travel, a wellness week, or a meditation class is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. 

7.  Empathy is still a necessary element in the boardroom.

8.  Work trips are great. Especially if they involve 3 bottles of Pinot Noir in a Holiday Inn hot tub in Kelowna. These are the fertile grounds from which new business ideas are born.

9.  Mentorship is as important as we thought it was. We need more safe spaces to connect and feel less alone. We need help from one another to succeed. It may be true that no man is an island, and no woman is an island with a spa.  

10. The 3 B’s of business; bravery, boundaries, and bookkeeping.

Keep trekking pioneers.

- S+H

Samantha Ellis