New Emojis ?

Being a digital agency, we go crazy for all things social media. 

Refinery 29 says you can find the new emojis on Twitter before the new iOS comes out in September. Rumour has it there’s a breastfeeding woman (the future is female) and new food including a pretzel (Stanley from The Office would be stoked) and broccoli (Kevin from The Office wouldn’t be stoked). There are 66 other new emojis set to come out but those were clearly the most applicable ones.

Will curly hair and red heads make the cut for the new update?

We demand answers.

Gastown Hit List

Our wallets tell us otherwise, but one of the perks of working in Gastown is the close proximity to amazing restaurants. Here’s a list of our favourites:

1. La Taqueria

We appreciate good tacos and a great Instagram account.

2. Nelson the Seagull

Avocado toast. Enough said.

3. Nuba

$6 wine on special during lunch? Yes please. And yes please again.

4. Salt Tasting Room

Wine + Meat/Cheese Board = Happy Roots + Ardor. 

P.S. Did we mention we like wine?

5. Pourhouse

Ask for the Cameronhouse cocktail. It was recently removed from the menu, but we know all the secrets.

6. Bao Down

Our favourite: Bao Chicka Bao Bao.

7. La Mezcaleria

Amazing Mexican food. Need we say more?

8. Tacofino

They have a cool floor…and great food helps too.

9. Ask For Luigi

Whoever Luigi is, we want to meet him.

10. The Flying Pig

3 words: Chopped House Salad.

11. Joe Pizza

Because who can say no to pizza?



Life as an Intern


There are a lot of ways to start this, but I guess I should start by telling you who I am (because it’s been a long time coming). 

Picture this: I am Mindy from The Mindy Project (because I think I'm hilarious) mixed with some Michael Scott from The Office (because no one laughs at my jokes). 

Actually though, my name is Kathleen and I am the newest addition to Roots + Ardor. I pretty much forced myself upon the team and lucky for us it’s been a blast so far (pending their input).

So what does an intern do? Well, I asked myself this question on Day 1 and I was pleasantly surprised that I wouldn’t be making copies all day long. Roots + Ardor has given me responsibility, independence, and creativity in all the things that I’ve been tasked with thus far. From graphic design to editing to reporting to social media management to drinking wine with the team over lunch (and all hours of the day), I have been taught a multitude of different skills. But no matter what task I’ve been given, I love coming to work every day. And more importantly, I love the people I work with.

Sam + Hannah have taught me so much in a short amount of time and I look forward to learning more in the months to come. Their social consciousness and passion for their work shines through in every project they work on and it truly makes their work that much more amazing. 

One more thing I’ve learned…

When moving into a new office, make sure you christen it with a stocked wine fridge and a scented candle because honestly, those are the most important things in life.


Roots + Ardor Takes Wine Country

We set out on the road to Kelowna, country tunes playing, Starbucks in hand, wondering what to expect for the next few days ahead of us. We arrived at a quaint B&B that had a photo from Insidious inside the closet doors and could be best described by the word ‘flare.'

We quickly set our sights on the wine  because wine not when in Kelowna, are we right?

When we pulled up at 50th Parallel, we were greeted with smiling faces and a sampling of their delicious Pinot Gris. The vineyard was breathtaking with steep hills covered in vines and a view of the Okanagan Lake. Curtis + Sheri-Lee were absolutely amazing to work with- we sipped wine and learned about their hard-earned path to success.

Sounds like we need to take a page from their book and drink more wine (though we never have any trouble with that!) Safe to say we will be back soon, but not soon enough.


Roots + Ardor // Breaking It In.

Last week we threw a party to break in our new office. Naturally, that meant we started Happy Hour at 2pm.

Not only can we bring our dogs into this new office, but we also have a wine cooler + are located in the same building as Nuba. You can find us there for $6 merlot at lunch.

Thanks to all our friends + neighbours who came through our door to raise a glass with us. We’re excited for this next chapter in our growing business!

- K


Thank Dog I Am Out: A Dogumentary

Back in November we had the privilege of working with a woof-tastic, Vancouver-founded organization called Thank Dog I Am Out to weave the true stories of dogs who were graciously rescued by the women behind this cause.  

While the rescuers of these dogs are colourful wonderful people of their own accord, we wanted to take a different approach to this video and tell the stories from their dog's perspectives. We welcome you to Thank Dog I Am Out: A Dogumentary.

Get involved with this incredible foundation or find out how you can start the process of adoption here.


On Baking a Brand Video

Butterfy it! 

I truthfully can’t think of a better combination; baked goods and a sunny day of filming, especially when you’re filming in a space like the Butter Baked Goods café in Kerrisdale.

Our team was lucky enough to link up with Rosie Daykin, bakery entrepreneur and heavily witted Instagram caption guru. The woman is a Swiss army knife; she seems to do it all. Running a successful business, writing cookbooks, featuring recipes in magazines and managing her very own business Instagram page that boasts nearly 20,000 followers. To us, it felt like she almost didn’t need our help, until we learned about her next big venture.

Rosie was looking for ways to grow her presence and find a way to show customers what the Butter brand was all about. Video was the medium and we were her choice to venture on this journey with her. It was an honour. Roots + Ardor having just gotten our feet wet in this incredible market, we were excited to work with such an established brand such as Rosie’s ‘Butter’.

So we got to work, we had a vision of really walking the viewer through the shop (as if they were there) showing the aesthetic, the goods, the atmosphere, the staff and the idea behind the baking. It was an amazing two-day shoot and the end product turned out incredible. We’re really proud.

We also threw in a few extra products for Rosie and her team – a couple “How To” Videos where we show viewers how to bake macaroons, wagon wheels and her famous butter cream in under a minute. And we also cut a condensed version of the video so that Rosie could direct her engaged Instagram following to her website and watch the full she-bang.

All in all, the experience was incredible and we can’t wait for many more projects like our first big video brand video shoot.

 Thank you Rosie – not only for the baked goods but also the wonderful experience!


- HB

On the first business trip.

Ah, the business trip. We've heard about it in folklore and Netflix sitcoms. We've had daydreams of our own "someday business trips," full of the mid-day cocktails and Mad Men shenanigans popular media so confidently promises these trips entail. And so, with good spirit in tow, the three of us embarked on a business trip of own in February. The mission of our inaugural trip for Roots + Ardor was to create a brand video for the fantastic Contemporary Office Interiors, a Herman Miller dealership + contemporary furniture retailer based out of Calgary, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. 

It was an all around fantastic experience, though nothing like the business trip of daydreams. "A toast to a day well-worked!" I imagined we'd say, gathered around a fire-lit tavern in the heart of Inglewood. "What a breeze!" someone else would chime in, gleefully reliving the highlights of the day while tasting the culinary delights the city has to offer. It was nothing like that, though it had much more realistic highlights. Hannah was balancing a glidecam until the wee hours of the morning and we were all up at 6 every morning to get the job done. It was below freezing, the video equipment was missing bolts, and there was a slight internal disagreement over whether to capture a "timelapse of the sunset" (which is happening later and later in the evening thanks to that pesky rotation of the Earth).

But there were also successes. We got to work with an incredible company and collaborate on a script about something extremely relevant in our world: How work life is changing. Why we need to adapt, and why that's a good thing.

The business trip was exactly what we needed at an early stage in our start-up. It shook us up and tested our time management and organizational skills (which are subpar but climbing), but most importantly it brought the three of us closer together. There were challenges, there were glide cams, there was a mountain escape, there were some good old-fashioned Ellis family time, and there was bonding. And that's really all anyone could ever ask for.

We are so grateful to the COi Calgary team for being so welcoming, accommodating, and patient with their time and space. 

You can check out the finished product below: